Why I Sell Books On Amazon

¶Amazon is great for buying and selling books. For sellers, it opens up your market to about 40 million prime users. And you can usually price your books a little higher than eBay. The nice thing about books is that they have nice profit margins and the fees for Amazon storage are about 1-2 cents a book. Along with an upside, there are some downsides as well. Those are that they can take a while to sell.

Where to find cheap books

¶There are numerous places to find cheap books if you are interested in selling books online. Book sale finder is one of the most popular resources online to find book sales online. Another is Craigslist. I made a few craigslist ads to see what I would get, and I got about 3-5 hits on each. And each person typically has a lot of books to get rid of.

¶Another place to look is at your local library. Mine has an ongoing book sale. Soft covers are 50 cents each and hardcovers are only a dollar. You really can’t beat those prices.

¶And, of course, Goodwill is another spot to look. Around me, books are .89 cents for softcovers. Hardcovers are 1.89 each. Also, check your local thrift stores. These may have a lot less traffic than goodwill, which may be a good thing or a bad thing.

Listing Your Books

¶When you list your books, you may realize there are others selling the same book, for a penny. I never, ever list mine for a penny, simply because I would lose money. And another reason, is because I send all my books to FBA. The lowest I’ll list a book for is $5.95. I don’t care if there’s a page full of listings ahead of me because they will all sell. It’s just a matter of time before they do.

¶Amazon has a system where they rank what sells really good. The lower the number, the better that item is selling. It’s based off of the item sales. Some books have really high sales ranks that I sell. I believe the highest of the latest batch of books I sent in was around 2 million. Honestly, I am not too worried about sales rank. Youll see a lot of people acting as if the higher the sales rank that means the item will never EVER sell. Truth is, it’s not that big of a deal. At least to me. My item will sell, sooner or later. They also like to worry about winning the buy box. The buy box is the first item you see when you go on Amazon.  Again  I’m not really concerned about being right there on top. If I am half way down the page, or even on the next, I’ll be just as happy. I know it will sell, its just a matter of time.

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