How Coffee Mugs Can Help You Have A Better Life

¶Did you ever wonder how coffee mugs can help you have a better life? Well, maybe not. Not a lot of people think about that. But what if I told you could make money selling them? Well you can. You can make a decent amount of it too.


Sourcing for Coffee Mugs

¶The best place to source for coffee mugs – at least for me so far- has been Goodwill, of course.

¶Also, like always, local thrift stores are always a great place to check as well.


What Kind Of Coffee Mugs To Look For

¶When you go to your Goodwill next time with the intention of purchasing some coffee mugs to resell, keep these tips in mind. Ultimately, the key thing in looking for coffee mugs is if there are any chips or cracks in the mug. If there is anything that crazy bad, Goodwill is usually good about not putting the item on the shelf to sell.

¶Look for Starbucks mugs. I have trouble finding these, but every once in a while I will. And how I jump up and down like a little kid when I do. Typically, these are priced at $1, but they sell for $20 at the least.

¶Disney coffee mugs sell really well, too. I find these more frequently than not. Personally, I don’t really care much for Disney characters. But what I do care for is making money! And if Disney coffee mugs can make me money, then I guess I love Disney!

¶Advertising mugs also sell for a decent profit. Maybe not as much as Starbucks or Disney ones, but you’ll make something off of them. And making something is better than making nothing. I recently found a mug from the pancake house. Even tho I never went there, I thought it was still pretty cool.

¶And to add on to this list, travel and souvenir mugs sell quite well.  You’re going to want to look for ones made in far away places. Those ultimately seem  to sell for the most amount of money.  They can go for as low $9.99 to up to $34.99.

¶Also, mugs with china patterns on them seem to sell well! Prices really vary to the manufacturer.

¶Old vintage Pyrex coffee mugs sell well too. After a simple search on eBays sold listings, these seem to sell better as lots, rather than single coffee mugs. And they sell between $14.99 to $34.99.


Shipping Coffee Mugs

¶I use USPS Priority mail whenever I ship my coffee mugs. And I use the small 7″x7″x6″ boxes they have. You can request these for free online or at your local post office.

¶When it comes to bubble wrap, I generally use a liberal amount. I typically by a fair amount from dollar tree, simply because each roll of bubble wrap is a dollar. Then I just place the coffee mug right in the box and fill the empty space up with newspaper. Since I already subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, this is completely free! And you don’t have to worry about weight, because it’s all flat rate.

Also, the nice thing about Priority mail is that it comes insured up to $50 (I believe,) and with a tracking number. Both for free.

Ultimately, the decision is up to you! Coffee mugs are small and easy to store.

Until next time!


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