How These Tips for Thrifting Can Help You Survive A Filibuster

Maybe you’re just starting out selling on eBay or Amazon or Etsy. Or maybe you’ve been doing this since 1999. Regardless, if you want to grow your inventory, you may want to read this post!

Regardless of where you’re going to be shopping, there are a few things I highly recommend you bringing with you:

  • A smartphone
    • Make sure you have the eBay app and the Amazon shopping app. You want these so you can look up items as your going through them. The nice thing about these apps is they have barcode scanners, so you can just scan the barcode. Make sure to check the completed listings first to see how much the item actually sold for. Active listings just tell you how much the seller is asking for that item. Think of it as buying a used or new car, the price you pay will probably be lower than the sticker price.
  • Comfortable clothes
    • If you’re going to spend all day hunting for stuff to sell, bring comfy clothes. The last thing you want while you’re out shopping are sore feet.
  • Bring cash!
    • Regardless if you know that your local thrift shop takes credit and/or credit cards, it’s always nice to bring cash, just in case! Make sure to bring ones, fives, tens and a few twenties!

Tips before you go

  1. Map out where you’re going before you go!
    • I use Google Maps to plan out what the most efficient route is, both for fuel mileage and time.
  2. Check trends online
    • Check mainstream stores websites like American Eagle, Hue 21, etc., to know what the current style and trends are at!
  3. Pack
    • Make sure you bring snacks and water. Your body needs water. Needs it.
  4. Set limits
    • It would kind of suck if you went through all your spending money in one store. Set a dollar limit for each store. Also, if you’re an impulse buyer, like me, you might want to go through everything before checking out. And ask yourself, will this really make me money.
Great apps for your smartphone

Like I said earlier, the eBay and Amazon Shopping app are a must for resellers. But there are a few other apps I highly suggest that will make your thrifting life that much better.

  • Waze
    • If you never heard of Waze before, now’s the time to download it. If you’re like me, you hate traffic jams and getting pulled over, this is the app for you. Waze is the world’s largest community-based traffic and navigation app. People that have this app can share where cops are sitting, where traffic jams are, what the weather is like, and much much more. By sharing that, you can earn points and be thanked by other wazers. After a certain while, these points will add up and you’ll gain on the leaderboards! I don’t know how many times this app has helped me avoid speeding tickets and traffic jams. Did I mention that it will re-route you if there is a large enough traffic jam?
  • 15412760511_d483097f55_k

    Waze can be download for free on iTunes for Apple users and the Google Play store for droid users.

  • Map My Walk
    •  If you want to know how much walking you did, this app is for you. It is free for both iOS and Droid devices!
  • GasBuddy
    • Regardless if your shopping at a thrift store to save money or to make money, odds are you probably want to know where the cheapest gas is. I use Gas Buddy. It’s free for both Droid and iOS devices. And if this app can save you a few pennies a gallon at the pump, I’d take it. Those small things add up! download (1)
One Last tip....

One last tip is timing. It all depends on when you go. I highly suggest going on a Monday, or a Tuesday. Not only do you beat the weekend crowd, but it gives the workers time to put out items they have received during the weekend. I don’t think I can tell how important this last tip is. And I don’t know how many items I have gotten throughout the week that I would of never of gotten on a weekend.

Other than that, I think I am done here! Happy hunting friends!

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