The Insiders Guide To Shipping Supplies

If you made up your mind on selling stuff online, regardless if its coffee mugs or books, your going to have to ship that item. And shipping can be a real pain in the behind.


Usually, when I send FBA shipments in, I send no less than 30 books at a time. I believe that is the most economical way to do it with the discounted shipping rates. I ultimately try and get as many free boxes as I can but if I’m sending a heavy shipment of books, then I go with the size 14x14x14. I tend to fill those up pretty well. They sell them on Amazon for about $20 for a pack of 25 of them.

Other than that, you can get free boxes at your local post office or on their website. I typically ship through flat rate if an item is heavier than 13 ounces. Unless its a book or anything that can fall under the category of media mail.

I go into deeper detail on where and how to get free boxes on one of my other blog posts.

Don't know what media mail is? That ok, I'm here to help! Media Mail is a cost-effective way to send educational materials. This service has restrictions on the type of media that can be sent. From $2.69 at a Post Office. It's perfect for sending books and educational materials. But the maxium weight to use media mail is 70 lbs. Heres a PDF made by stamps that shows the pricing on items for media mail.

Filler paper

And if you plan on shipping books to FBA, you may find some empty space in your box. If you are subscribed to a newspaper, that will work just fine. I get the Wall Street Journal every day and I have been saving them, just for this exact reason.


If your selling stuff on eBay, like coffee mugs, bubble wrap is a must. Usually I just wrap it twice around the mug. And I got free boxes from The size that work the best for coffee mugs are the 6″x6″x7″. I then usually fill up the empty space, with, of course, old newspaper. Feel free to use as much packaging as you feel comfortable. Since this will be shipped flat rate, it won’t matter if its 5 pounds or 6 pounds, it will be $5.05 with the eBay shipping discount. Generally, rolls of bubble wrap can be found at any local Wal-mart for $5-$10 a roll.

Packaging Tape

I use bandit packaging tape. It’s cheaper than duck, and works just as great. I get mine at walmart for $3.50.


Links for shipping supplies on Amazon

Duck Brand Bubble Wrap Original Protective Packaging, 12 Inches Wide x 150 Feet Long, Single Roll (284054)

Packing Paper – Large Bundle – Free 2-Day Shipping Orders $30+ – by Cheap Cheap Moving Boxes

Here’s the link if you’re interested in buying 14x14x14 boxes.

Pratt PRA0078 Recycled Corrugated Cardboard Single Wall Standard Flat Box with C Flute, 14″ Length x 14″ Width x 6″ Height, (Pack of 25)

But that’s all for now!

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