5 Things Other Bloggers Won’t Tell You About Goodwill Rewards

Goodwill is great. If you’re going to be shopping there for inventory or personal use, you should probably get the Goodwill Rewards Card. You get a point for like every dollar you spend there, and at a certain amount of points, you get a $5 coupon (correct me if I’m wrong!) Also, just for signing up, you get a free coupon. And around me, the goodwills have scratch off days every 15th of the month. I recently went to one, and it was just complete and udder madness. The line was long for checkout, and there were just people everywhere. I mean, everywhere. Maybe the 65 degrees in Wisconsin had a part… And it was a Sunday Afternoon. I bought maybe 3 books and 2 coffee mugs and decided I probably wouldn’t find anything more.

Not only do you get rewarded for purchasing, but you get the occasional coupon sent to your email. They also keep you up to date on stuff that’s happening, like new stores opening. I have a new store opening near me. There giving away a $5 gift card for the first 100 people into the store, with a free reusable bag. I’m considering going. According to a few reseller groups on Facebook, their nuts. I’ve been told not to be pushing around a cart. And just go in and get the heck out.

Thought I would share that!

Have a nice day, and happy hunting!

I took this on my iPhone 5c. It's only an 8 MP camera!

I took this on my iPhone 5c. It’s only an 8 MP camera!


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