The Best Way Around a Goodwill

Every Goodwill is different. The setup, the things you can find, the cleanliness, and a lot more. Now everyone has their own way around one, whether it’s going through each and every aisle or hitting different sections. It’s really completely different for each person.

Personally, I go straight to books. There closest to the door, so there the first thing you see if you’re coming in and grabbing a cart. I usually spend 20 minutes, tops. That’s pretty rare tho, but I’ve done it a few times. But on average, I spend maybe 10 minutes. I usually stay away from fiction and stick most with non-fiction. Non-fiction books sell best. Depending on how big or small my budget is, I could walk away with about 20 or so books. Since books move relatively slow, I only buy a lot every so often. Other than that, I might just grab a few of them and add them to an existing FBA plan.

After I’m done with books, I then move over to coffee mugs. This is the section I love the most. 50 cents a mug, and I typically find ones that are worth over $15. Just the other night I found a Starbucks mugs for 50 cents. Yes, a Starbucks mug. Starbucks mugs are the bomb Giggity. It’s weird, something about them, people just want.

After Coffee mugs, I then make my way, slowly, to board games. I say slowly because there’s a few aisles that I take my time kinda going through on my way. Some stuff I have no idea if its worth, but I like to work my way through it to see if anything that I know would sell has made its way there. A lot of people like to pick something up and set it down on the opposite end where it came from.

Then off to the office supplies I go. Why office supplies? Because on occasion, I’ll find some Avery branded printables. Whether its business cards for laser or inkjet printers, these will fetch a good profit. On a recent trip, one pack of them was ranked 500 and the buyer box was at $12.16. Not bad only paying $2 for them. Other than that, the other few I picked up were ranked between 1,000 and 6,000. Which is still good to me, due to the fact that some, if not most of my books are ranked at 800,000 if not higher. But that’s fine for me. I like having something that will take a while to sell. I really like to diversify my inventory with slow moving items, usually books, and faster-moving items. The faster-moving items usually go for a lower profit margin the longer moving items. Reason being for the smaller profit margin is simple, competition.

To me, fast moving items on Amazon are pretty much anything under
10,000 sales rank. Anything between 10,000 and 999,999 are considered slow moving.


The best day to go

Personally, I have found that during the week – especially earlier in the week like Monday’s and Tuesday’s- have been the best for me. Not only is there the weekend crowd, but the Workers are shelving items that have been donated throughout the weekend. And depending on how busy they have been during the weekend, the workers may not have been able to put that one item on the shelf that could make you a killer amount of money.

I honestly try and shoot for 3-4 o’clock in the afternoon for time. When I worked at a local fast food joint, that was really are slow part of the day. Right after the lunch rush, until 4ish. But that’s fast food, and I have noticed the same kind of rush at Goodwill.


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