Your Guide To Retail Arbitrage

I was like a kid in a candy store the other day. Just a week ago, this Goodwill opened and had a lot of promotions to kickstart the store. They also mentioned in an email to all club Goodwill Rewards that they will be adding new inventory throughout the day. Personally, I did not go to it just because there was most likely going to a lot of people there. And due to the fact most people aren’t entirely nice while shopping at Goodwill, I can’t imagine how they would be at a grand opening. One thing I have realized, after a week after all the grand opening sales, is that there was a lot of stuff still unused, new still in box items. Most of them from Target. While I was grabbing most of them, and scanning them, I came across a personal best for me. Oddly enough, it’s a back shaver for men. Maybe I’ll just keep it for myself… Just kidding, I’m too young for back hair. But I got it for $13, with a sellers rank of 432! Lowest FBA price is $57.99. I was jumping for joy in my mind.

With a low sellers rank of 432 and low price of $13, this is my best find so far!

With a low sellers rank of 432 and low price of $13, this is my best find so far!

But instead of getting a lot of books that aren’t going to be making me a lot of money and will probably take a long time to move, I decided to really focus on other new items that will sell quicker. Since this Goodwill is still new, I am not surprised I have found all the new items in package that I have. I was on a pretty strict budget, only about $40-$50. And I only spent about $25, only buying 8 items. Not a lot of stuff, but I should make a decent profit! Other than the back shaver I got a few board games, a few books, and like 2 or 3 coffee mugs.

I also tried some estate sales. The first one I went too I found a whole lot of nothing. Everything was overpriced. For example, a box CRT tv these people were asking $60. Yes, those big CRT tv’s that you find sitting on the side of the road. I laughed to myself. I posted a picture of the price to a Facebook sellers group, and according to some people, they actually sell. Not around me! Goodwill is not even accepting them around me. They used too and used to sell them for .99 cents. But they were coming in much faster than what they were going at. But I’ve realized that estate sales are just like garage or yard sales, but throughout a house.

Retail Arbitrage

For those of you who have not heard about retail arbitrage, all’s it is buying stuff at Target or Walmart that are on clearance, and then just flipping them online. A lot of people that do it make an insane amount of money doing it. But it takes a bigger budget than sourcing from Goodwill or another thrift store. But I really suggest that you try going to a few different Goodwills and checking to see if they have anything good from Target, before actually going to Target!

While you can consider my recent trip to Goodwill, focusing on new in package items retail arbitrage, it was a first for me. And hopefully I will have good luck with it as I did this first time! This will be a learning curve for me, and I will keep on posting as I learn!

Until next time!


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