Planning A Thrift Shopping Road Trip

I had an idea come to me last week. It was one of those crazy ideas I have laying in bed. It was to go on a thrift shop road trip. Really to build up inventory. I was thinking maybe just do a day trip, when I get a full time job and could afford to do so. (I should have one by next week.) I figure I would spend a whole day hitting about 10 Goodwill’s, and other thrift shops, all in Southeastern Wisconsin (where I live.) I looked up online how much traveling that would be, and it came out to be about 300 or so miles. And total time would be around 5ish hours. That gives me about 6-7 hours of actual sourcing inside of these Goodwill’s. Although my primary “niche” right now would be books for Amazon FBA, and coffee mugs for eBay, I plan on learning what to look for from now until then. I have to admit, having 50-60 coffee mugs active right now, and I’ve only sold about 2 or 3 the past week, I don’t plan on these as my primary sellers on eBay. And books are really moving sluggish on Amazon. I have over 200 items, selling a few a week.

On a different blog I was reading about these guys doing a 5 day road trip. That’d be insane. But they sell vintage t-shirts. Just the thought of going through a lot of clothes at Goodwill seems boring. I shouldn’t say that, I’ve never really sold clothes other than a few old t-shirts sitting in my closet. And those I didn’t really care how much I got them for, just as long as I made something after fees and shipping. Next time I go to my local Goodwill, I’ll have to give clothes a shot. I remember I found a maroon colored Hollister shirt for $4.99, but I got it for $2.50 because it was 50% off yellow tag sale, listed it the other day at $2.49, and within an hour got a bid, and later during the day someone bid $3. It’s got a few days left, hopefully I’ll get something more for it!


This day trip I am planning will be really focused around a book sale. Preferably one that has a bag sale going on. Tomorrow will be my first time going to a book sale. I heard about on and there having a bag sale for just $1 a bag. Thats crazy. Its only about 50 minutes away from me, so I plan on hitting up a few Goodwill’s in the area. I’ve been told by other book sellers on a Facebook group that some book sales can crazy. One person even referred to a sale to Black Friday. It’s almost guaranteed that other booksellers are going to be there. But that doesn’t mean I can’t find anything good! To be honest, I’m just worried about building my inventory up on Amazon. I plan on scanning most of what I am throwing in my bag. But I just may say screw it, and just fill up as many bags as possible, and sort through the books when I get home. All the worthless ones can get donated to Goodwill for a tax write off. Hopefully, its not too crazy. About 20 books can fit in one paper bag, and I plan on buying about 10 of them. So right around 200 books I’ll have to sort through. This should give me at least a days worth of work to do!

Stay posted! I’ll be sure to write a post tomorrow about what I’ve found!


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