How to Turn FBA into a Fulltime job

Setting the Goal of Full-Time FBA

What is your goal for selling through FBA? Is your goal to make FBA your full-time job? Some of you may already be there, and for that I commend you. For others, full-time FBA seems daunting. I want to encourage you that full-time FBA is completely attainable — I and many others are a testament to that. So let’s talk about the first steps towards making FBA your full-time job.

You might be thinking that the first steps are how to get the best and most affordable inventory. Or you might think that this post will be about all the tools, programs, or gadgets that help make an FBA business easier — but in fact, I’m going to start somewhere else entirely.


If the goal is to make FBA your full-time job, then you need to think about how you want to get there. As with most destinations on a roadmap, there are many ways to get to the same place. When taking a road trip, some people like to get there fast, with as few stops as possible. Others like to take the scenic route and make the journey just as much fun as the destination. Everyone’s path to meet their goals will be different, and that’s OK. Let’s look at how to getyou on the best path towards full-time FBA.

1. Understand How to Make “SMARTER” Goals.

  • S – Specific – The better you know your objective, the easier it will be to attain it.
  • M – Measurable – Can the results be measured and compared to the goal?
  • A – Achievable – Is this goal attainable given your resources?
  • R – Realistic – Are you both willing AND able to meet your goal?
  • T – Time bound – When do you want to accomplish this goal?
  • E – Exciting – Do the goals get you excited about your future?
  • R – Relevant – Do these goals match up with the season of life you are in?

2. Set Your Main Goal

What is the main thing you want to accomplish and when do you want to accomplish it?

Example: I want FBA to be my full-time income source within 18 months.

3. Set Mini-Goals

What are some mini-goals that help lead you closer and closer towards your main objective? Maybe your mini-goals are something new every month or every quarter.

Example: I want to send in 400 items for the first month, 800 items the second month, and 1200 items the third month, etc. Or you may want to have income based goals. Example: I want to make $500 the first month, $600 the second month, $700 the third month, etc.

4. Write Your Goals Down and Post Them

The research proves it:  if you write down your goals and post them where you can see them, then you are much more likely to achieve what you are setting out to do. Put your list over your desk, on your bathroom mirror, on the refrigerator door — wherever you’re most likely to notice it.

5. Adjust your goals as needed

Give yourself permission to update your goals as you move closer towards your main objective. If the first mini-goal was way too easy, then make sure your next mini-goal stretches you and is harder to reach. On the other hand, if you didn’t even get close to your first goal, then it’s OK to update your other goals with objectives a little easier to complete. The journey towards full-time FBA will be filled with both road-blocks and open highways. Adjust your course, if necessary.

Take a few minutes to brainstorm ideas for your main goal and mini-goals. No, really. Do it now. Don’t let goal-setting be something you read about and then never do. You will be amazed how much setting goals will help improve your productivity AND income! If you want to, feel free to share your goals in the comment section under this blog post.


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