The True Power Of A Hash Tag

Hi all.

If you read my last post, you would of known that I went to my very first book sale on Saturday. I went because they were having a $1 bag sale. They had a box of paper grocery bags and let you fill up as many bags as you wanted.

For being the last day of the sale, there was still a lot of books. They weren’t picked over either. I only got two bags worth. It would of been nice to get 5, what I was expecting, but I’m not complaining. Got about 30 books, averaging 15 books in a bag. That comes down to about 7 cents a book! I scanned all of the books and the ones I bought were in the top 5% (under 1 million sales rank, based on 51 million books listed on Amazon at a given time.) I got them all listed and labeled within an hour of getting home.

It was defiantly worth the 45 minute drive one way tho! The weather was nice, and I actually showed up a little early so I went on a walk down by a river. Then I stopped at a local Goodwill there. Found a few mugs, was really on a budget a few bucks. I would of gotten some shirts tho. Saw an older Nike one. Which brings me to my next topic, reselling clothes.


Tomorrow is earth day, and Goodwill is running a promotion for Southeastern Wisconsin, 25% off any clothes. So I am defiantly going to research tonight what to look for and give it a shot at a few Goodwill tomorrow. I plan on getting bright and early to go out and about, hitting up about 3 or 4 of them. Which should be enough, hopefully!

Week in Review

I stayed up late last night, fixing my prices on all of my 250 Amazon listings. And all’s I have to say is, wow. I had my best week, every and its been only a day. Hopefully this week will be great!

I’ve been promoting a lot of my eBay listings on Pinterest and Twitter. This seems to be extremely helpful. Not only did I see the number of views on some of my mugs go way up, I’ve gotten 2 bids on 2 different auctions I am having right after posting a few items. I only have one board for my items, and all’s it takes on pinterest is the tap of a button on an iPhone. Simple as 1-2-3!

And as for Twitter, you just need to use relevant hash tags. No one has bought anything yet, but people are clicking on the tweets, and a few are re-tweeting. It is really all about the exposure!

The power of a hash tag is huge, it truly is!

That’s all for tonight! I’ll keep you updated about my little venture into clothes!


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