How To Fit Sourcing Into Your Busy Day to Day Schedule

It’s been such a long time since I’ve been able to make a blog post. A lot has changed for me too!

I currently have two jobs now. One, is full-time at a rehab center. I’m in Dietary, making all the old people food. And the second is at my dads shop, but I haven’t showed up for a while because of my other job. The hours are nuts, one shift will be 3-8 and the next day they want me at 6 in the morning, and it’s a half hour drive. But regardless, I met a lot of new people. And one lady is moving and she knows I sell on Amazon and eBay on the side. She offered me a lot of coffee mugs today, and I asked if she had any books, and offered to pay for them. She said if she has any she’d be willing to give them to me! I offered a lot of newspaper I usually use for packing paper for eBay sales, but those have been slow.

There is a really nice Goodwill right down the road from there. Which is nice because before or after a shift, I’ll stop and source. Every time. I’m still sourcing for books and mugs. When I get some good paychecks rolling in from my new job, I plan on doing retail arbitrage. And just the other day I sent in an FBA shipment of about 50 items, mainly books. It felt SO good because I haven’t sent a shipment in for a long time.

But regardless if I’m dragging my butt after a long shift, I still get my self out there to source. It is vital if you want to make anything on FBA. Source daily. If you find your self without any time to travel 20 minutes one way to a Goodwill, then start by scanning items in your clearance section when you go grocery shopping. The other day, I had to run up to Home Depot for my mom, (were redoing our bathroom,) and noticed that there was a clearance section. At first thought, I didn’t want to go over there. But I made myself and started scanning. I ended up buying 4 bottles of bedbug remover (ew,) for $1.93 and its going for about $8. Of course I bought them up and sent them in!

It’s simple things like that often get overlooked. And I know I didn’t buy much, I bought something. And somethings better than nothing.  But other wise, I’ll be keeping this post short and sweet! And I’m going to get more into a schedule of posting! Promise!

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