Your Guide to Rummage Season

Since I live in Wisconsin, I only get about 4 good months of rummage/garage sale season. And within the past 2 weekends, I’ve noticed a lot of them on Craigslist, and on my way to my day job. While last weekend I only went to a few of them, and only got a few items, these items were really good. I picked up 2 Pur filters one with good rank and the other a really high rank on Amazon for $3 each, that are selling for over $17. And I picked up a new in box cisco wireless router for $10 that goes for over $100 on amazon. And then I picked up 2 books for a quarter each that will go over $10 each both under 500k sales rank.

As I’m about to plan my route for rummage and garage sales this weekend, I thought I’d share some tips.

Tip #1

If you haven’t been using Craigslist to look for rummage sales around you, then nows the time to start. For smart phones, you can download the Craigslist pro app for both Samsung and Apple devices. And then theres the basic website. It can be found here.  Always look under the garage sale section!

Tip #2

Another resource I use is Garage sale treasure map. Its an app for smart phones. It can be used for both Apple and Samsung devices.

Tip #3

While I am planning my route, I use find the best route. I just punch in all the addresses and it will find the best route to take. Its great. I saved so much time that can be used to go to different yard sales, instead of driving around.

Here’s a list of apps I use:

  • Amazon Seller App

This is literally a must have app if you plan on selling on Amazon. You can scan, sell, check your inventory, email customers, and so many other great things!

  • Amazon

This is great for checking your competition. It lets you know how many they have in stock, product reviews, and others.

  • Profit Bandit

Although this app is not free to use, its great. I use it all the time. It calculates the ROI (return on investment) It also links you to check prices and sales rank history.

  • Groupon

Most people think groupon is for saving money on gas, good and traveling. But theres an entire section called Groupon Goods where you can find deals on stuff to sell.

  • Track My Mileage

Remember every single mile you drive that is related to your FBA business is tax deductible. Use this app to track all those miles and to upload them to your computer!

  • The eBay App

If you are sourcing and can’t find the item you have in hand on Amazon, look it up on eBay. You could either create a product page on Amazon or just sell it on eBay.

  • Shop Kick

Get “kicks” for actually walking into stores. You can cash those kicks in for free, that’s right, free gift cards!

Other than that, I think I am about done! Until next time!

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