App Review: FBAscan by Asellertool

If you’re like me, and sell primarily on Amazon, then you know the importance of scanning an item before you make your final decision about purchasing it. And if you primarily sell books, like I, you know how utterly important scanning a book before purchasing it can be. While 9 times out of 10, a book will be worthless, or have an extremely high rank. But its that 1 time that makes it fun. It’s that rush afterwards, that makes this sort of thing just so addicting.

But it is critical to have an important app that will quickly show you what is and isn’t profitable. Just recently, I subscribed to FBAscan, because I was getting sick of the Amazon seller app taking so long to load a product. I love it. Although I don’t want to call it the best app for scanning items, as I have not tried other popular ones like Scanpower, and others. But the nice thing about FBAscan is that you can download the database right to your phone so you don’t have to be online to look at all the info. This would be great if you have really poor connection in some stores.

You have to pay $10 a month for the most basic membership for FBAscan. Which is actually relatively inexpensive when you think how many items you scan in that time period. They also offer a free trial of it, you get up to 100 free scans. And you adjust the price of the item, and how much you pay for inbound shipping, which is about .30 cents a pound (at least for me.) Then it will tell you if you’ll make money, and if so how much, and if you would lose money. Then the current sales rank, and the average sales rank. And this app is compatible with multiple Bluetooth scanners for extremely fast scanning at stores. I’ve yet to buy a Bluetooth scanner!

I’d like to mention that I do not and will not get anything if you decide to subscribe to FBAscan. This is from my experience using it.

Scanning those items in at home

I also recently bought a USB scanner to scan my items in at home instead of typing in the UPC code. This also saved me so much time. All’s I do is open a new Google Sheets (excel) document and start scanning away. I then just copy and paste and list. It sounds like it wouldnt really save you time, but trust me, It will. You don’t have to buy some fancy 100 dollar one. I simply bought one for $20 and it is working just great.


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