The Newest Member of The Arctic Thrifter

Hey all,

So my friend’s cat had a few kittens. And I fell in love with one in particular.IMG_1463

She’s only 4 weeks now, and still too young for the taking. But, I figured I’d need some company when it comes to listing, labeling, and shipping everything at home. It gets a little lonely, I won’t lie. The thing is, I’m having a little trouble coming up with a name for it. I thought of Prime, because the reason I will be getting her is to keep me company while I’m getting my shipments for FBA ready, and since Amazon Prime users are the main users who purchase items from FBA.

But I posted that picture to Amazon FBA for Newbies group on Facebook, and a lot of people were and still are commenting on it. There’s a lot of good names, so It will give me plenty to think about!

But I will definitely keep everyone posted on how she is for times to come!!

If you have any suggestions, please please please make them in the comments section!

Until next time!

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