Happy Amazon Prime Day! Heres What Other Articles Will Not Tell You About Today

So last year Amazon decided to celebrate its 20th birthday by having what is known as Primer Day. Amazon reported selling 398 items per second then.  So its no wonder why theyd want to have it again this year.


So here are some things to look out for and to think of when you are digging for these deals on Amazon:

  1. Do Not Buy Items on Amazon Using Prime Benefits to Resell on Amazon

    • This is against Amazon policy. And a lot of beginners don’t know that and might be tempted to buy something using their prime benefits to flip for nice profit right back on Amazon. (source)
  2. Use eBay, or craigslist

    • Use today to buy inventory for eBay, Craigslist, or maybe a local rummage facebook site.
  3. Search the Prime deals for items you can use in your business, like shipping supplies, office supplies, a new processing laptop, or anything else you can deduct as a business expense.
  4. In preparation, right now is a good time to reprice some of your inventory. With more people shopping on Amazon on Prime Day (as well as the days leading up to it), there is a greater chance for you to get increased sales. Be sure you competitively reprice your items to maximize your profits.
  5. Set a reminder on your calendar for July of 2017 and be sure you are ready for Prime Day next year. Even though this is the second consecutive year Amazon has planned a Prime Day, it’s still not for sure if this will become an annual event — but if it does, you want to be sure and be prepared.
  6. Have realistic expectations for Prime Day sales. An increase of sales is expected, but overall it will most likely be a nice bump in sales. While some people might have a day filled with tons of amazing sales, that probably won’t be the norm. Don’t get caught up with checking your sales every 10 minutes to see if you have any new sales. And don’t fall into the trap of comparing your sales with others who are posting online. Remember, comparison is the thief of joy. Just enjoy the nice bump in sales and then get back on track with your overall goals for your Amazon business.

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